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I am Working since 2019 as a Investor in Share Market with a experience of 2 year. In this specific time I learn lots of new thing in market. As a part time I also manage my website and teaches student about Digital Marketing, in which from to creation of website to publish on google all were taught by me in both english & hindi. If you want then please contact me as soon as possible.


 Founder & C.E.O.                                                                                                                                                                                                                            of Upsidegift.com                                                    


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Keep calm and think rich and day by day upgrade yourself by just reading blogs, articles,newsletter, etc. And don't follow other's advice. Just listing your heart and mind and work on that, no problem whether it will wrong just take a step. Main thing is to take a step. At far extend you will only understand if it will go wrong but don't worry keep it up.

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